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In the garden today

654e4e0ef97da85635769b5d4225d153.jpgThis roe deer fawn sprinted into the garden with its mother and a sibling this morning. The fields round here are now 'set-aside' and they provide good cover for roe deer, but this was the first time we'd seen one in the garden. The mother left her offspring behind when she jumped clear over the garden wall, leaving them terribly upset.
I never realised they could utter such sad little cries! We did our best to chase them back into the field so that they could re-join her. We hope they don't become too frequent visitors as they can kill trees and lay waste to vegetable patches.


  • A magnificent image. I was fortunate to see a roe deer and child a couple of years back. It was one of those rare moments when you look in one direction and are instantly rewarded. Had I looked 20 seconds before I would no doubt have turned and walked away convinced there was nothing to see, had it been 20 seconds later it would have been too late. It was a real delight to see them going about their life and giving me a brief glimpse of it as well. Nature's wonderful.

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