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Spiced celeriac soup with orange

Celeriac is a daunting vegetable: a great big knobbly thing that looks like it will be difficult to tackle. But it is worth the (small) effort and makes a wonderful, rich soup when combined with other seasonal vegetables.


  • Half a large celeriac, peeled and cubed
  • One and a half large potatoes, cubed
  • Two large carrots, cubed
  • One large leek, sliced
  • Glass of orange juice
  • Tin of large white chick peas
  • 3 pints approximately of vegetable stock
  • Ras-el-hanout Moroccan spice mix*


Lightly sauté the leek in oil and leave to sweat down by covering the saucepan.

Add all the other ingredients with the exception of the chick peas. Add the vegetable stock (I use Marigold stock powder, but don't make this too strong). Cook for around 20 minutes.

Once the vegetables are soft use a hand-blender to reduce to a rich, creamy consistency. Add and warm through the chick peas and season with salt and pepper as required.

*Ras-el-hanout is a subtle blend of spices which includes cloves, cardamon and ginger. It is an excellent compliment to the earthy celery flavour of celeriac.

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