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But not forgotten - Page 2

  • Died in 2005

    Zoë Feak
    Widow of my primary school headteacher Tom, and at the heart of the village. He made a huge impact on me as a child, not just because he said I had 'no sense of rythmn' or because, aged ten or so, I got to 'idiosyncratic' in his reading test. She was always cheerful, relaxed, and open-minded. Rode a black 'sit up and beg' bike, sang in the church choir, joined local societies and was much loved. Both were perfectly happy when I had the teenage cheek to demand they sell to me some framed ephemera on which they had just outbid me in a village auction.
    Zoë died from a chest infection in February 2005. I was told she was alone at home.

    Armine Edmonds
    Mary Stansfield
    John van Went
    , who was the kindest of men
    Mike Beasley, suddenly, while still in his 60s
    Gary Howland
    , in a tragic accident, just outside his house
    Simon Kremer, of cancer, while still in his forties

    Mrs Catherine Murray

    Died aged 97 in November. I first knew her as a child. On our way to primary school, my sister and I used to take a short cut through Sidney Paddick's yard where Mrs Murray worked in the little office to the
    left, just inside the gate. She used to wave and give us the sweetest of smiles: a daily blessing from a gentle, kind lady. Our walk to school then took us on through Mr Paddick's garden where we used to chat to Mr Murray, who worked there as a gardener. I remember him as always cheerful, a little man with laughing blue eyes.