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An old friend died today. She was at home in bed and there was a horrible fire. Her partner had left for work, she called for help from the window but it was no good - nobody got to her. She was still in her forties. Not even the dog and cat she loved so much were saved.

Life had been really difficult for her lately. Her mother dead, the family home sold. Depression. But she had this easy laugh that bubbled up from somewhere deep inside her and her smart questions always left me struggling for an answer.

When we were young anything seemed possible, but things don't always work out. I'm thinking of her now, looking hard at me, tossing her head, and laughing.


  • Always "stayed in touch"; nowhere near enough, in my case, yet every time it was so easy, as if Barbara connected straight up with the last time and her love for everyone she ever cared for never faded or blurred.
    And now so suddenly, it's too late to say "I love you so much"!
    And I am sure so many of us feel this.
    Goodbye, lovely woman, we shall love you so much for ever.

  • All who love her will share my sorrow, all who knew her will feel the loss.
    Depth,love, laughter, joy and pain we shared. All remembered.

    life was to short so much yet to do and experience, but my memories I will treasure and hold forever.

    Peace, love, respect and loyalty are the banners we held high and without you our world is less full. I will not waver in my love for our brand of inocence or our faith in mankind.

    For I too believe that god is good.

    I will honour you and the memory of you. As you honoured me with your love until time takes my last breath. Fare thee well my queen until we meet again you are and will allways be ''much loved''.

  • I miss you its been a while but that never stopped us did it no matter what time it was we would have always had the time for each other i know now i cant type to you or phone you up but it kinda feels like your still here spreading your love and guidance as beautifully and gracefuly as you always did i hope you are at peace love you always sarah xxxx

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