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In the garden today...

...was this lovely comma butterfly (Polygonia c-album). Unlike many other butterflies, it stayed put when I started to take pictures with my phone, so I had plenty of time to get a reasonably good shot. At first its ragged appearance made me think it was near the end of its brief life (three generations live and die each season) but now I realise the torn edges are a characteristic of the species. Perhaps it was so drunk on the verbena pollen that it did not notice me. It never stopped to fold its wings, so I didn't get to see the characteristic white punctuation mark which gives this attractive butterfly its name.


  • When living in Australia, I was out almost every day taking photographs of the local flora and fauna but since I've got back I rarely if ever venture out and don't seem to notice what's going on around me, I guess I'm still cheesed off about being back here. Seeing this has shown what resplendent beauty there is so THANK YOU for there.

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